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Daughter Of Victim In Elderly Abuse Case: 'We Didn't Have A Clue'

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) - A woman accused of defrauding an elderly woman is facing charges of felony at-risk exploitation and will make her first court appearance at the end of the month.

Julie Steenhoek, 53, is accused of exploiting a family and taking money from a 79-year-old woman with ailing health.

julie steenhoek
Julie Steenhoek (credit: Jefferson County)

The victim's family said their mother was brainwashed by Steenhoek.

"My mom was hiding everything that was going on from my sister and I," her daughter said over the phone. "We didn't have a clue what was going on."

Earlier this year Steenhoek moved into the woman's home in Lafayette. Investigators say over time, she gained the victim's trust and was even written into the victim's will.

Investigators believe Steenhoek was trying to drain the victim's bank accounts and even take money from the selling of the house.

The victim died in July but her family is not letting go.

"I would love to see Julie behind bars so that she can't do this to any other families at any other time," the daughter said.

julie Steenhoek
(credit: CBS)

Steenhoek's arrest in this case is one of seven court cases involving her and the victim's family.

Steenoek is still trying to claim money and assets from the victim.

"I don't know her intentions," said the victim's daughter. "I cannot believe that she still feels she has any rights to anything in my family."

This woman may not be the only person allegedly targeted by Steenhoek. There are a number of stories accusing her on the internet.

For the family, the ordeal has been a nightmare, but the daughter hopes others can learn.

"Elder fraud is so rampant, it's so disgusting. If your family or your parents start to disappear a bit, look into why they're disappearing because it may be that someone is starting to influence them."

Steenhoek is due in court on Aug. 29.


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