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Danny Moore, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, avoids elephant in the room at first campaign event

A candidate's choice of lieutenant governor is often of little consequence to voters, many of whom can't name the current lieutenant governor. Republican gubernatorial nominee Heidi Ganahl's pick may be different.

"I chose Danny first and foremost for his heart. I chose him for his business acumen, and I chose him for his leadership." 

Ganahl's running mate, Danny Moore, is a Centennial entrepreneur and decorated Navy veteran. He has an impressive resume. Less impressive is his short tenure as Chair of the Colorado's Independent Redistricting Commission, a position he lost due to social media posts where he initially questioned the validity of the 2020 election.

Danny Moore (left) and Heidi Ganahl (right) CBS

Ganahl's campaign says he does not believe the election was stolen now.

"Our ticket is most diverse our state has ever seen," Moore said at his first joint campaign event with Ganahl. 

His speech called for civility and unity.

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"In these challenging times, we do not need divisiveness. The kinds of problems we face, we must face together."

Moore and Ganahl refused to take any questions or do any interviews at the event. According to their campaign, they didn't have time. 

If their goal was to avoid controversy, it didn't work. Moore's posts about the election were the elephant in the room, and he will eventually have to address it or it could detract from the campaign's message, which is not about election fraud.

Ganahl summed it up, "Gas prices are rising, homes are unaffordable, inflation is out of control, crime is skyrocketing, and our children are in crisis. It does not have to be this way!" 

Moore agreed, "It's time for a change." 

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CBS4 Republican Analyst Dick Wadhams - who has run countless campaigns over his many years in politics - says the motto candidates should adopt when choosing a lieutenant governor is, "First, do no harm."

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