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Cursed Rock? Souvenir Taken From Colorado Park Mailed Back Because 'Bad Things Been Happening'

(CBS4) -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife got an interesting piece of mail recently containing a rock and a short note. The sender wrote that someone had taken the rock from a park in Colorado. They wanted to return it -- and hopefully get some better luck back.

"Someone brought this home to me three years ago," the sender wrote. "Bad things been happening ever since."

"Sure one of you can find which park it belongs in," the author added.

cursed rock returned credit cpw se
(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

CPW shared a photo of the note and the rock -- but covered the sender's signature.

"Will taking rocks from a [Colorado] State Park curse you with bad luck?" CPW tweeted. "This person thought it did and mailed it back to the SE Region office."

"The best practice when visiting any park or wilderness is to take only photographs and leave only footprints," CPW tweeted,

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