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Company Gives Away 30-Round Gun Magazines At 'Farewell To Arms' Festival

GLENDALE, Colo. (CBS4) - A company handed out hundreds of 20- and 30-round magazines for free as Colorado's gun control laws are set to kick in on Monday.

Magpul Industries in Erie took part in the "Farewell to Arms" festival in Glendale's Infinity Park Saturday. The first 1,500 attendees 18 years and older got a magazine.

Magazines that size will be illegal under the new law.

Thousands attended the event was hosted by the group Free Colorado, which promotes for the rights of gun owners.

After the first 1,500 magazines were given away people could buy up to five magazines for $10 each. Excitement was definitely in the air because many said it is their last chance.

For Rufus Carriere, the event was a perfect setting to enjoy a book while waiting first in line to get his hands on a 30-round magazine.

"I would like to acquire them before it is too late," Carriere said.

"For those people that live in Denver we have 20 rounds available and for everybody else we have 30 rounds," Free Colorado spokeswoman Kelly Maher said.

Free Colorado advocates for gun owners' rights and said the magazines will be grandfathered under the new law.

"These magazines are largely used for target practice and hunting and for self-defense," Maher said. "For the government to step in and restrict the rights and freedoms of people it's onerous, it's ridiculous."

Others say banding magazines that hold more than 15 rounds will soon be in place for a reason.

"I can't see why someone needs all of that many bullets in one magazine," a man said. "Some nut eventually is going to shoot a bunch of people and maybe he'll shoot three or four less."

"It is shocking. I wouldn't expect something like that to go on with all of the stuff that's just happened in the last year," gun control activist Blake Peterson said.

Carriere had been sitting in line since 10 a.m. hoping that it would show a support for gun owner rights.

"I think it's sort of feel good legislation that won't have any real impact on much of anything," he said.

Magpul Industries will be taking the business out of Colorado after the ban.

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