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"Company" arrives to Buell Theatre for Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Comedy is key for "Company" playing at Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Comedy is key for "Company" playing at Denver Center for the Performing Arts 02:31

The classic tale of "Bobby's" 35th birthday has returned to Denver, but for the first time, the show is about "Bobbie's" 35th birthday. 

That's because the producers of the 1970s hit have reimagined the production to be about a single woman instead of the original about a single man.

The show follows Bobbie's navigation of life through her 30s as a single woman with no children. The musical introduces the many relationships she encounters every day.

"I have always loved Company. It is in my top five Stephen Sondheim musicals. Being a part of the show is a dream come true," said Kathryn Allison, an actress in the show.

Allison and James Earl Jones II portray a couple in the show, which plays at the Buell Theatre through June 2. The duo said they were immediately good friends upon meeting for walk-throughs of the show, and that off-stage relationship carries onto the stage each night.

"I was like man, this is going to be a good time," Allison said.

"I knew that it would be magic, and it has been something special every night," Jones said.

At its core, Company is about the relationships we surround ourselves with and the relationships we decide to place ourselves into. Though the production follows the story of friendships and romances, the cast says it promises to make everyone laugh.


"The show is definitely a comedy," Jones told CBS News Colorado's Dillon Thomas.

The cast spoke exclusively with Thomas ahead of their visit to Denver. During their conversations, cast like Jones and Allison said their time on stage always makes them laugh alongside the audience.

"Ours is probably one of the more rambunctious of the couples. We have a great time," Jones said.

"Some days we just surprise each other and it feels like an SNL skit," Allison said.

Both said there are nights where they even surprise each other with their banter on stage.

"We are guaranteed a good time," Jones said. "That is the beauty of theatre. It is very organic, and it changes."

Even though the show is filled with comedy, the cast said everyone in the audience will be able to connect with the show on a personal level.

"I feel like what is special about this show in particular is the way that it moves you have to be so present all the time," Allison said.

Jones said he knows ticket buyers will be able to see a part of them in at least one character.

"Either I am, or I know, someone like that. In that regard it has made the show that much more enjoyable and relatable," Jones said.

Company plays the Buell Theatre until June 2.

If you would like tickets visit Company's event page at DCPA's official website

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