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Colorado Woman Gets Death Threats Over 'No More Kardashian' Petition

DENVER (CBS4) - No more Kardashians! That's the message a Denver area woman is promoting in an online petition, which is getting thousands of signatures.

Cyndy Snider, 41, started the petition in early November and it has gained signatures quickly. But the alarming response has her in need of overnight security.

"I think they're popular," a man on the 16th Street Mall said

"Honestly, I think the Kardashians are hot," another man said.

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are everywhere.

"They really annoy me, but they're entertaining," a woman said.

But Snider is doing anything but trying to keep up with the Kardashians. She's started a petition to get their show off the air and it's gaining thousands of signatures.

Cyndy Snider
Cyndy Snider talks with CBS4's Evrod Cassimy (credit: CBS)

"It's not per se the Kardashians themselves, it's the show itself. It's the value of the show and what it portrays," Snider said.

Snider's petition on is directed at the producers and writers at the E! Network. She doesn't consider the show's material appropriate.

"I'm not aware of anybody in my neighborhood that's going out and leaking their own sex tapes. They're also not, as far as, with Playboy that's got a mom behind them that's saying, 'That's terrific,' " Snider said.

While Snider's disapproval of the show has gained support, there has been some serious backlash.

"I've had death threats. That's been my latest, in the past 2 days I've had death threats … over the Kardashians, and I'm a Kim hater."

While she admits to only watching three episodes, Snider can't seem to escape hearing news about the Kardashians. She hopes her petition will bring about a change in programming.

CBS4 tried to contact the Kardashians and a spokesperson for the show about the petition, but calls were not returned.

To take a closer look at the petition and voice your opinion, visit

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