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Colorado Senate pays tribute to "living legend" Dr. Reginald Washington

Colorado Senate pays tribute to "living legend": Dr. Reginald Washington
Colorado Senate pays tribute to "living legend": Dr. Reginald Washington 01:09

The Colorado Senate took time Monday to honor a "living legend" in Colorado. State Sen. Janet Buckner led a tribute to Dr. Reginald Washington, a renowned physician, philanthropist, mentor and community leader.

After nearly 50 years of taking care of kids as a pediatric cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer at both the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center, Washington is retiring.

Dr. Reginald Washington was honored at the state Legislature after announcing his retirement.  CBS

He says while technology has improved health care in many ways since he first began practicing, the human side of medicine is still most important, "That human touch, that compassion, that feeling that you can reach out to a person and actually have empathy and understanding, I think we still have to foster that in our health care system. That's why I hope young people who are in health care now realize how important that is."  

Buckner called Washington a "jewel in the Colorado medical community" and an "exceptional human being."

In addition to practicing medicine, Washington has also served on nearly a dozen boards.

He says he will continue to advocate for kids in retirement as well as mentor young Black professionals interested in health care.  

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