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Colorado moms plan "sit-in" at state Capitol, demand gun ban, buyback program

Colorado moms plan "sit-in" at state Capitol, demand gun ban, buyback program
Colorado moms plan "sit-in" at state Capitol, demand gun ban, buyback program 03:06

Colorado moms say what's being done to address gun violence is not enough. The organization Here 4 The Kids is calling on Gov. Jared Polis to ban guns and create a buy-back program.  

"Denver is our Selma," said Here 4 The Kids co-founder Saira Rao.  

In two weeks, they hope the steps of Colorado's state Capitol steps will be occupied by more than 25,000 white women. They say they're prepared to stay for days. 

"There's not gonna be marching, there's not gonna be chanting, there's not gonna be speakers, this is solemn, this is grieving this is healing this is us just sitting and saying this is our last ditch effort to save our kids," said Rao. 


The women plan to "sit-in" at the Capitol, asking Polis to sign an executive order banning guns and implementing a buyback program. 

"Twenty-five thousand extremely traumatized, upset, scared, tired, sick and tired, white moms, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, are coming to sit in for our children because the leaders of this country have done nothing. Democrats and Republicans alike," said Rao.         

While organized by women of color, the movement calls exclusively for white women to take a stand. 

"You all have the most likelihood of getting anybody, Jared Polis, Congress, to do anything, and the least likely to be harmed by police in the process so it's white woman's power and privilege," said Rao. 

"We have an opportunity to show up, so those of us that can and are privileged to do so we will," said Denver mom Kristin Speer. 

Women of color and men are asked to support the movement in other ways. 


"For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful because this is something I can actually do to take action besides just calling senators, or donating money," said Lafayette mom Katy Jahn. 

With two weeks to go, the women are going door-to-door, hoping to get reach 25,000. While they're canvassing like a political campaign, organizers say the movement is apolitical. 

"There's literally nobody in this country who wants to get shot shopping at H&M," said Rao. 

She admits an all-out ban on guns is unconstitutional, but says the 2nd Amendment is rooted in white supremacy. 

"I'm really concerned about our children getting massacred everywhere they go and less concerned about the feeling of gun owners," said Rao. 

"There are hearts all over the country who are breaking about gun violence and would like to come together to get something done about this," said Denver resident Dana Miller. 

The Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners tells CBS News Colorado it's "ludicrous" to ask for complete destruction of the Second Amendment, and "laughable" to expect that 25,000 people will come out. He does not expect Polis to sign an action like this. And says they have no plans to counter-protest in any capacity. 

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