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Colorado content creators worry TikTok ban will infringe upon their rights and revenue

Colorado small business owner reacts to possible TikTok ban
Colorado small business owner reacts to possible TikTok ban 02:37

The thing creators love about TikTok is that no matter where you are, or what you are looking for, the right content is delivered directly to your handheld device. 

After President Joe Biden signed into law a bill that would force the Chinese-owned social media app to either sell or be shut down, creators in Colorado worry that if the app goes away, they will be losing an effective marketing tool.

Alejandro Flores owner of Combi Cafe and Stokes Poke CBS

Alejandro Flores is a food truck owner, restauranteur and caterer in Denver. He has grown his business the way many have these days, through social media.

"Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. I've been part of them," said Flores.

He says things really picked up when he started posting on TikTok.

"It has been delivering me more catering gigs, more food truck gigs, more views on the content that I share," said Flores.

Now, he has a huge following and says it has really taken his business to the next level, but he's worried all of that may disappear because of this new law.

He says his First Amendment rights are being taken away.

"I have a very strong, feeling that this kind of a little bit goes into, infringing into freedom of speech, which is something that is very concerning for me," said Flores.

He says he will have to lean onto his other social media accounts but isn't sure it will be the same.

"Having a free platform like TikTok and other social media platforms have allowed me to get in front of customers that otherwise might have not heard about me," said Flores.

While he waits to see if TikTok is banned or sold, he says he'll focus on diversifying his marketing efforts.

"As a small business owner. We're often faced with changes all the time. And so, it's just having to figure it out," said Flores.

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