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Colorado congresswoman introduces street racing prevention bill

Colorado congresswoman introduces street racing prevention bill
Colorado congresswoman introduces street racing prevention bill 02:57

In June of 2022, the day before Father's Day, John Jaros was shot and killed while traveling along Interstate 70 in Colorado with his wife and children.

"It's almost been two years since we lost John and I'm sure it impacted other people in those two years," John's sister Beckie Jaros said.

According to police, her brother was trying to get around street racers who shut down the interstate when he was shot.

Jeremy Rocha was arrested and charged with his murder, but Beckie, who lives out of state, says the family has a lot of questions about those who drove away.

Aurora Police Department

"Only one person is being charged and it takes more than one person to race," she said.

In Colorado, community members from Aurora to Lakewood, and everyone in between, hear it and see it: an issue that's prompted local law enforcement to form street racing units and make changes to city ordinances allowing for vehicle seizures.


Wheat Ridge police recovered their first vehicle in December of last year.

"It targets the vehicle as part of that enterprise so we can target that vehicle with a restraining order," Wheat Ridge Police Chief Chris Murtha told CBS News Colorado at the time.

Now, there's a push in congress to form a street racing prevention and intervention task force under the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


"It's the 'They're Fast, We're Furious Act and it not just a catchy title but working to bring federal state and local law enforcement together in coordination on how to meet this need," said Rep. Brittany Pettersen, a Democrat who represents Colorado's 7th Congressional District.

Pettersen introduced the bill alongside another lawmaker from California.

"Working across jurisdictions and making sure no matter where they are we can follow and hold them accountable," she said. 

For families who have already lost so much, it's a step.

"It's not fun or funny when you can hurt someone else that badly I'm glad somebody's addressing it I don't know how to stop it I wish I did."

The Jaros family says the trial for Rocha is now set for May of next year.

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