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Caring adults transform the lives of teens in Colorado foster care

Caring adults transform the lives of teens in foster care in Colorado
Caring adults transform the lives of teens in foster care in Colorado 03:01

In Colorado, there are about 380 children who are living in the foster care system and are eligible for adoption. Raise the Future specializes in finding caring adults for older youth, sibling groups, and young people who have special needs. Those kinds of connections transform a child's life.


"I love living with my Mom and Dad because they're just so nice; and I love them a lot," said 17-year-old Aly.

Aly was living in foster care when she met Audra. As Audra worked with Aly, she felt a special connection with the teen, so much so, she stepped up to be Aly's mom.

"It's definitely been an adjustment. Never having any kids, you're in your mid-40's, and all of a sudden you're a parent to a teenager," Audra said with a laugh.

A parent is exactly what Aly needed. Children living in foster care who can find just one caring adult to be in their life are more likely to go to college, have higher incomes, and get medical and mental health support.

"Parents – they tell you what to do. They're the boss; and they tell you right from wrong. They help you," Aly told CBS News Colorado.

Parents are also there for the fun times. Aly said that she has lots of fun with her new parents.

She's just a joy to be around and to see how incredibly smart she is," Ed said of his new daughter.


Ed and Audra said that they've seen Aly lower her defenses and become more outgoing.

"It feels like we're doing something right that she's comfortable. She's happy and feels like she can be herself," Audra explained.

"I love them because they are my family. Nobody else wanted me in the past, except for them. They love me," Aly said.

You can support Raise the Future and help them make more connections like the ones that Aly has. CBS Colorado hosts A Day for Wednesday's Child to celebrate the families that are created through adoption out of foster care. The donations collected throughout A Day for Wednesday's Child helps to pay for the intensive recruiting that Raise the Future does to find those caring adults who will step up for a child in foster care. 

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