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Colorado Dancers Respond To Lara Spencer's Comments, Say Nothing Should Hold Boys Back

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – The hashtag #BoysDanceToo was created after a national newscaster mocked Prince George for taking ballet lessons. "Good Morning America" anchor Lara Spencer has apologized, but dancers say there's still a lot people can learn from her mistake.

Artistic Fusion Dance Academy in Thornton (2)
(credit: CBS)

"It's cool, and I get to see all the audience," James Pradhan, a 5-year-old dancer said.

Prahan is one of the male dancers at Artistic Fusion Dance Academy in Thornton. He's already showing that he has a way about being light on his feet. He likes various styles of dancing. CBS4 asked if he liked ballet specifically.

"Yes," he said firmly.

His mom told CBS4 they really haven't talked about what Spencer did, but older dancers at the academy say a lot of people still feel strongly about it.

"Just because dancing isn't such a masculine type of activity doesn't mean that it's not hard, that it doesn't take dedication, same with every other sport," dancer TJ William said.

Artistic Fusion Dance Academy
(credit: CBS)

Other dancers like Charlie MacDonald think what was said added to the stigma surrounding boys in dance.

"I'm disappointed in how people still treat things like this and still treat gender stereotypes," MacDonald said.

They say this is a teachable moment.

"Honestly, the whole dance community like came out and opened everybody's eyes to how many male dancers there really are," Williams added.

The two hope that in the future nothing should hold young boys from dancing. And that's a message that could help dancers like Pradhan make big leaps with his dreams.

"To be the best dancer," Pradhan said.

Artistic Fusion Dance Academy currently has 30 male dancers enrolled. They say they'd love to see more. For more information, visit

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