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Colorado boxing gym helps combat youth violence

Aurora boxing gym helps combat youth violence
Aurora boxing gym helps combat youth violence 02:03

It takes a village to combat youth violence. A Colorado gym has been able to step up with the help of some city funding.

For many kids, athletics does more than keep them active. It also keeps them out of trouble.

A1 Boxing in Aurora has helped hundreds of teens stay off the streets by getting in the ring. Every night, dozens of kids work out at the boxing center at its location inside The Fieldhouse at Aurora Town Center. Boxing isn't just about the punches. The sport can be a great way to learn discipline, get mental focus and build confidence. 

"There's a lot of bullying out there, but the person who's trained how to overcome that bullying is going to prevail," said Glenn Goodson, owner of A1 Boxing. "The anger outside the gym, those are the people who really need the help."


The City of Aurora gave out $260,000 in grants to organizations as part of its Youth Violence Prevention Program. A1 was one of the organizations to receive funding. The gym received $10,000, which allowed them to offer 30 scholarships to kids. The scholarship also included a pair of boxing gloves.

"A lot of the parents bring their kids here not only to get them off the computer but to give them exercise and discipline at home," said Goodson. "A lot of parents can't afford this, but I was able to tell them, 'don't worry about it!'"

The money's run dry now, but he's looking for more to keep his safe space in reach for teens who can't afford it.  

"We teach the kids that if you don't win, come back and we'll try it again. We'll train a little harder," said Goodson.

As part of its ongoing efforts to curb youth violence, the city of Aurora is planning a youth center with a special focus on at-risk and high-risk youth. City officials will consider input collected as the planning of the youth center progresses. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, March 29.

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