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Adoption allows Colorado children to relax, be children again

Adoption allows children to relax, be children again
Adoption allows children to relax, be children again 03:16

Raise the Future was founded on the belief that having one caring adult in the life a child makes all the difference in the world. Since 1983, Raise the Future has helped nearly 11,000 children find that one caring adult.

CBS Colorado has been partnered with Raise the Future for more than 40 years, doing profiles of the children in foster care who are eligible for adoption. The segments are called "Wednesday's Child."

Yara was a Wednesday's Child. Now she and her now brother, Isaiah, have been adopted into a loving family.

"We've seen our kids come so far, miles, thousands of miles since the day we brought them home," said Jeanette, Yara and Isaiah's adoptive Mom.


Yara and Isaiah have been through more than most people ever will. They've both lived in foster care; and Yara has faced some series medical issues.

"Isaiah had nine homes before hours. Yara had six," Jeanette explained.

The family was formed when Jeanette and Thomas found the children through Raise the Future.

"You take one look at them and you're like instantly in love. The same feeling happened with both the kids," Jeanette said.

Now the adoptive siblings have the chance to have fun together; and they act like any other siblings.

"I like to bug him a lot when I'm bored," Yara said with a glare.

The siblings got a change to let some of that sibling rivalry play out during a morning at Boondocks Food and Fun Center in Parker. In addition to getting new parents and each other, Yara and Isaiah also got a large extended family. Jeanette and Thomas have children from pervious marriages, so now they have a slew of big brothers and sisters.

"Their adoption, actually I really feel like, brought our whole family [together], it was like the glue," Jeanette said.


CBS News Colorado first introduced viewers to Yara as a Wednesday's Child. Cameras followed her as she had tea at the Brown Palace with Princess Aurora. Her princess days are long gone. Now Yara is growing into a smart, strong young woman with strong opinions.

"She's so stubborn, but that's kept her alive," Jeanette said.

"We still don't know what Yara wants to be. She's changed her mind a hundred times," Thomas said. "She's a good arguer. I see her being a lawyer."

Now Yara and Isaiah have endless options for their futures, and a loving family to support them.

LINK: A Day for Wednesday's Child

You can support the work of Raise the Future by making a donation during A Day for Wednesday's Child.. It's easy to give, just call (303) 755-3975; Text to give by texting "2024DWC" to 71777; or go to the Raise the Future donation page.

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