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$5M bond set for Denver cardiologist; prosecutor calls Stephen Matthews "grave danger"

Bond set for Denver cardiologist accused of date rape
Bond set for Denver cardiologist accused of date rape 00:24

A Denver judge ensured cardiologist Stephen Matthews will not be getting out of jail soon by setting his bond at $5 million during a hearing Friday afternoon.

"There isn't more reason to run than there is in this case," said Judge Eric Johnson. He noted that if convicted, Matthews could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Matthews has been charged with drugging women he met through dating apps and sexually assaulting them after many said they blacked out after drinking at his home. Matthews' attorney declined to comment on Friday but previously expressed his innocent. 

Matthews had been charged in connection with 16 victims, but during court Friday, prosecutor Bree Beasley said one of the cases was being dismissed bringing the number of alleged victims to 15.

Arguing for a high bond, Beasley said Matthews was potentially a "serial rapist."

She told the Judge that for the last four years, the 35-year-old doctor had followed a clear pattern.

"He engages in very careful victim selection," Beasley said.  

She said the victims are all similar in height and weight and are professional women who he met on dating sites.

Beasley called it "astonishing" that Matthews had been getting away with the alleged date rapes since 2019 without being stopped.

The prosecutor called Matthews a "grave danger" to the community if he was allowed out on bond. 

She continued saying that before he was jailed on May 15, Matthews was "cleaning up," by destroying evidence. 

Beasley said he had asked his home owners association to get rid of cameras "because he does not want to be recorded." 

"We have an individual who is very good at hiding and concealing his crimes.. there is simply no way he can be in our community safely," Beasley said. 

Matthews' attorney, Douglas Cohen, suggested many of the women who have come forward since the first alleged victim are "jumping on the bandwagon."

Seeking a lower bond, Cohen argued that Matthews had no criminal history, has lost his job.

"No source of income. He wants to stay here and defend himself," Cohen said. "He's not going anywhere."

Setting the bond, Judge Johnson said he previously had two defendants of means, who cut off their ankle monitors and fled. He said even if Matthews is able to post bond, he will be facing "maximum home confinement."

Matthews will return to court June 22 for a preliminary hearing and a trial has been set for later this fall.

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