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College classes for Swifties? Colorado State University launches course for Spanish-speaking Taylor Swift fans

Colorado State University launches course for Spanish-speaking Taylor Swift fans
Colorado State University launches course for Spanish-speaking Taylor Swift fans 03:04

Colorado State University in Fort Collins is launching an online course for students wanting to learn about Taylor Swift while also practicing their Spanish-speaking skills. 

The course, which for now is only being offered during the summer, will last eight weeks and will walk students through Swift's music and her influence throughout the world.

"My Spotify is all Taylor Swift, my Instagram is all Taylor Swift. I am a big swiftie at heart," said Alyssia Miller De Rutte, the professor of the course at CSU.

Miller De Rutte said the idea of the course isn't new, as other universities already offer courses that examine Taylor Swift's career. 

However, she said this is the first course in the United States that is using Swift's influence to further educate students in Spanish.

"It is a little bit of everything. And it is designed to show students what you can do with linguistics outside of school," Miller De Rutte told CBS News Colorado's Dillon Thomas.

Swift is releasing her latest album on Thursday night, with many students on campus at CSU saying they were hosting listening parties at the 10 p.m. release time.

"I have grown up with her music. So, her releasing a new album with new songs, it is a big deal," said Avery Coates, a junior at CSU. "I am super excited. I am planning on having a listening party with my roommates."

Most students Thomas spoke with said they didn't even know their university was offering any courses about Taylor Swift.

"I didn't know," said Anna Shikuma, a junior. "That is pretty cool."

The course is a 300-level class that will only have room for 20 students. The students must have intermediate Spanish speaking experience in order to qualify for the course.

When asked why CSU needed a course for students to study Swift in Spanish, Mille De Rutte said she had one simple answer.

"Why not, is my answer. Why not build proficiency, learn a language, learn about culturally impact and global economies in another language?" Miller De Rutte said.

As of right now, CSU only plans to offer the course for the summer semester of 2024. However, depending on interest from the students, there is hope that the course will be extended.

Taylor Swift has an upcoming concert in Madrid, a concert in which students and educators plan to use as material in their summer course.

"I think it is awesome. I have been wanting them to do a Taylor Swift course. I may have to look at my schedule and change it around," Coates said.

For more information on the course check out the Spanish For Swiftie Purposes flyer. 

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