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CIA Contractor's Wife Says Plea Deal Not Done Deal

DENVER (CBS4) - A plea deal could be in the works for former CIA contractor Raymond Davis.

Davis was held in Pakistan two years ago after shooting two men to death and later arrested in Highlands Ranch in a fight over a parking space.

CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger spoke with Davis' wife and alleged victim, Jeff Maes.

If Davis declines the plea deal and takes his chances with a jury, he could go to jail if convicted. To avoid jail Davis must plead guilty to assaulting Maes in the 2011 fight over a parking space.

Larry Klayman is the attorney for Maes.

"I'm concerned that things are going on behind closed doors and the prosecutor is selling out my clients, the victims, for whatever reason," Klayman said.

CBS4 obtained a copy of a misdemeanor assault plea offer which calls for two years probation, a letter of apology, anger management courses, and payment of restitution.

Maes and his wife Jacqueline have sued Davis in civil court and an admission of guilt would certainly help their case there. They are optimistic.

"Happy to see things finally coming to an end, so we'll see how it ends up," Maes said.

"I am really excited about the fact that there is closure coming," Jacqueline Maes said. "We do see a light at the end of the tunnel."

But Davis has not yet accepted any plea offer, according to his wife Rebecca, who told Sallinger he is being set up for the civil suit.

Davis worked in Pakistan as a contractor for the CIA when he was arrested after shooting two people to death. Klayman insists the CIA has talked with the former district attorney about the pending case.

"They have had contact with the CIA, and that proves my point as to what was going on at that time; that there was political pressure being brought to bear," Klayman said.

If no deal is reached, Davis will go on trial in two weeks.

Rebecca Davis said there's no reason for her husband to plead guilty and apologize because he did nothing wrong.

The former and current district attorney's office told CBS4 they have not had contact with the CIA.

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