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Castle Rock Mayor: 'We Can All Open Carry'

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4)- A gun debate in Castle Rock puts the mayor against some residents over openly carrying a gun around in town buildings and parks.

Mayor Paul Donahue supports repealing the ban on open carry of guns. Since 2003, guns have been banned in town buildings and parks. Now the town council is discussing repealing the ordinance.

Donahue says last July the council approached him about the repeal. He's received overwhelming support from the community.

"It goes back to the constitutional rights of people here in Colorado. We can all open carry," said Donahue.

Residents like Ziggy Guentensberger are not sold on the idea.

"Somebody could walk into the building department, upset about a permit and have a shot gun or handgun present," said Guentensberger.

He said the mayor's stance is politically motivated by the mayor's ties to local gun organizations.

That's something Donahue denies, "Just because someone is a strong supporter of the constitution and the Second Amendment, does that mean he's in bed with the gun industry?"

Donahue said open carry is already in place in other Colorado cities and there have been no problems. Concealed carry of guns is legal in Castle Rock. Some residents support that law but believe open carry is a different matter.

"We just don't need to be in an environment where people are openly carrying here in town. We've just moved beyond it," said Castle Rock resident Mark Neel.

The mayor says the people will have the final say, "How far do our residents want us to go in limiting their constitutional rights?"

Castle Rock's Town Council will vote on the open carry ban on Tuesday.

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