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Suspect accused of impersonating an officer after pulling over Adams County deputy

Suspect accused of impersonating an officer after pulling over Adams Deputy
Suspect accused of impersonating an officer after pulling over Adams Deputy 02:09

Brighton Police Department says a man impersonating an officer chose the wrong car to pull over on Saturday afternoon on Interstate 76.

"We did have officers dispatched to the report of a police impersonator on I-76 heading westbound between Bridge Street and Bromley Lane," says Kylynn Delohery with Brighton Police Department.


Police say the driver of this car, a 2019 Dodge Durango, activated red and blue lights from a bar in his windshield, and tried to pull someone over.

His mistake? The car he was trying to stop was driven by an actual officer, an off-duty deputy with the Adams County Sheriff's Office. 

"It seemed a little strange to this off-duty deputy," Delohery said. "Moments later, the Durango started to brake-check the off-duty deputy and forced him to the shoulder of the interstate." 

Police say a man wearing a security shirt and holding a silver badge got out of the Durango and approached the other car.

"The off-duty deputy actually used the word charged his vehicle," Delohery explained. Fearing for his safety, the off-duty deputy pulled his firearm on the man and detained him.

"He was arrested on scene and booked into Adams County jail," Delohery said. That man was identified as Jose Flores Ortiz. He's charged with impersonating a peace officer, driving under the influence of alcohol, and prohibited use of a weapon, among other charges.

While the alleged impersonator chose the wrong car to pull over Saturday, the risk of officer impersonations is still out there

"There are people who impersonate police officers, and it could have been definitely a dangerous situation," Delohery said.

Brighton police say, if you ever find yourself in this situation, don't pull over and put down your window for a vehicle you suspect is not law enforcement. Instead, drive at a safe speed, and turn your hazards on. Then call 911 to confirm if the person pulling you over is a member of law enforcement. They also recommend familiarizing yourself with the vehicles of your local law enforcement agencies.

UPDATE: "This can't be real": Off-duty deputy says suspect impersonated police officer, pulled him over

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