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Big Day For Colorado Democrats & Republicans

DENVER (CBS4) - It was a big weekend for Colorado Democrats and Republicans as they gear up for the November elections.

On Saturday Democrats rallied at the state fairgrounds in Pueblo and Republicans at the University of Denver. At the conventions the parties picked their delegates to send to the national conventions this summer.

Republicans are still working to get their full support behind Mitt Romney. They tried to show solidarity on Saturday as they revved up in mid-campaign form.

"We are going to do everything we can to change the locks on the White House," U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner told the crowd.

But in the crowd there was still a noticeable lack of enthusiasm.

"I would prefer to have a more conservative than Romney," a Republican told CBS4.

The delegate convention essentially starts the general campaign effort. Party leaders say they can't do anything more to excite the base.

"That's going to be our presidential candidate's job -- to pull together the different groups and different levels of support," U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton said.

Democrats are also preparing for November. Democratic congressional candidate Joe Miklosi says their fate may not be tied to the president's.

"Most Coloradans want to focus on the candidate and the issues," Miklosi said.

Congressional races in Colorado are expected to be some of the most bruising in the country. With Congress' approval ratings at an all-time low almost every seat could be in play.

"There have been some very challenging votes out there that folks have taken," Democratic congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer said. "At the end of the day a person has to be willing and able to run on the record. I think some of the incumbents in particular are going to have a difficult time doing that."

Most political watchers say candidates from both sides will have to run toward the middle. That could mean the race to win in Colorado is decided by who can raise the most money.

Below is a news release from the Republican Party of Colorado:

Chairman Ryan Call Announces State and Congressional District National Delegate Results

Republican Party of Colorado Chairman Ryan Call today announced the newly elected delegates and alternate delegates for the Republican National Convention taking place in Tampa, FL this August 27-30, 2012:

"I am pleased to announce Colorado's delegates and alternate delegates for the Republican National Convention this August. Colorado Republicans are looking forward to our delegates and alternates bringing our party's dedication and enthusiasm to Tampa to have a key role in making Barack Obama a one-term president," said Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call.

"Coloradoans are tired of the damage caused by the Obama presidency. His promises of "Hope" and "Change" have left us with high unemployment, $4 per gallon of gas, and record national debt. Our country and our Coloradoans deserves better. Thanks to the tremendous efforts by our elected officials, volunteers, and grassroots organizers, I look forward to Colorado playing a large part in turning our country and state Red again this November."

Delegates to the Republican National Convention:

-- State Assemly Alternates

• Bob Beauprez, Romney

• Hank Brown, Romney

• J. Paul Brown, Romney

• Kevin Grantham, Unpledged

• Paul Archer, Romney

• Katie Witt, Romney

• Dudley Brown, Unpledged

• Keri Brehm, Unpledged

• John England, Unpledged

• Monica Owens, Romney

• Lori Horn, Romney

• Deidre Harper, Romney

Delegates to the Republican National Convention:

-- State Assembly Alternates

• Shari Williams, Romney

• Merilou Athens-Barnekow, Unpledged

• Wayne Williams, Romney

• Judith Spady, Unpledged

• Heather Smith, Romney

• Daniel Green, Romney

• Froncoise Bergan, Romney

• Ted Kuroiwa, Unpledged

• Kim Ransom, Unpledged

• Alexander Casetta, Unpledged

• Joy Hoffman, Romney

• Joseph Woyte, Unpledged

Delegates to the Republican National Convention:

-- Congressional District 1

• Nancy McKiernanm, Santorum

• Celement Koerber Jr., Unpledged

• Florence Sebern, Unpledged

-- Congressional District 2

• Timothy Leonard, Unpledged

• Sue Sharkey, Santorum

• Solomon Martinez, Unpledged

-- Congressional District 3

• Todd King, Unpledged

• Luke Kirk, Unpledged

• Frieda Wallison, Romney

-- Congressional District 4

• Guy Short, Unpledged

• Sean Conway, Santorum

• Karen Pelzer, Unpledged

-- Congressional District 5

• John Suthers, Romney

• Robin Coran, Santorum

• Kent Lambert, Santorum

-- Congressional District 6

• John Carson, Romney

• Ted Harvey, Unpledged

• Erik Hansen, Romney

-- Congressional District 7

• Pete Coors, Romney

• Anil Mathai, Santorum

• Jeremy Strand, Unpledged

Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention:

-- Congressional District 1

• Earl Bandy III, Unpledged

• Elizabeth Buchanan, Unpledged

• David Bittner, Paul

-- Congressional District 2

• Jon Warnick, Unpledged

• Bryce Carlson, Romney

• Kaye Ferry, Romney

-- Congressional District 3

• Nancy Carlson, Romney

• Michelle Gilleland, Romney

• Barbara Smith, Romney

-- Congressional District 4

• Kendal Unruh, Unpledged

• Jim Gaston, Unpledged

• Justin Williams, Romney

-- Congressional District 5

• Robert Balink, Romney

• Charles Aligaen, Paul

• Joseph Burke, Paul

-- Congressional District 6

• Glenn Hagen, Romney

• Ryan Massfeller, Romney

• Jeff Wasden, Romney

-- Congressional District 7

• Lloyd Garcia, Unpledged

• Libby Szabo, Unpledged

• Robert Eskenberry, Paul


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