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Colorado Bicyclists Prepare For Cross-Country Journey For Clean Water

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – A team of cyclists is hoping to bike their way from coast-to-coast, all in an effort to bring clean drinking water to third world countries. Eleanor Allen, the CEO of Denver's Water for People, is one of four members of the team participating in Race Across America.

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"We are doing this toughest race in the world," Allen told CBS4's Dillon Thomas.

The race goes from California to Maryland, and teams are encouraged to ride without stopping. Teammates ride in an RV along the race route while at least one cycles their way east.

"We are actively training here in Cherry Creek State Park, and we are ready for race day almost," Allen said.

She teamed up with EA Engineering to ride across America in a race that runs more than 3,000 miles.

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"We are cycling for water," Allen said. "Colorado is a great place to talk about water, since we have water scarcity."

Allen's three teammates from EA are Walter Migdal, Lou Barinka, and Jeff Boltz.

"We have water with us. The only time you think about it is on your bicycle when you run out of it," Migdal said. "Just thinking about young girls and women having to walk miles for safe drinking water, it just really brings it home how lucky and fortunate we are."

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With one in three people still living without drinking water in their homes, the team hoped their race across America will raise money for access to clean water one mile at a time.

"While we think it is really hard to do this race, it is nowhere near as hard as living without safe water," Allen said.

The race is 30% longer than the Tour De France. The team hoped to complete the race in seven days.

Those interested in supporting their effort to bring drinking water to India, Africa and Latin America can donate to Cycling For Water.

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