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Dueling ICE Rallies & Marches Converge At ICE Facility In Aurora

DENVER (CBS4) — Anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement protesters are gathering at City Park in Denver ahead of their march down Colfax Avenue to Aurora. Marchers will travel more than seven miles to the GEO Ice Detention Center in Aurora.

Copter ICE Protest_frame_58829
Anti-ICE protesters gather at City Park ahead of their march to Aurora. (credit: CBS)

There, pro-ICE demonstrators will also rally. Aurora police have listed several advisories about the dueling protests and their efforts to maintain a safe environment.

City Park protest 3 (Sallinger)
"Enough" marchers gather at City Park (credit: CBS)

APD Chief Nick Metz posted on social media Saturday a reminder for participants to cooperate and be safe. The post included a picture of hundreds of police officers preparing for the protests.

"We have been busy planning and organizing," Metz said on YouTube. "We are asking for everyone to cooperate."

Dueling ICE Demonstrations In Aurora

Dueling ICE Demonstrations In Aurora

Posted by CBS Denver on Saturday, September 21, 2019

On Thursday, APD shared road closure information:

There will not be any available parking at the event. We strongly encourage using RTD or ride-share options if needed. Additionally, we will have the following street closures on Saturday, September 21, 2019 beginning at 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. as follows:

  • East 30th Avenue from Nome Street to Peoria Street
  • Nome Street from East 30th Avenue to East 33rd Avenue
  • Oakland Street from East 30th Avenue to East 33rd Avenue

APD also announced restrictions on what participants can bring to the rallies: such as sticks for signs. They also say participants cannot open carry any firearm.

City Park protest 1 (Sallinger)
Security guards observe an "Enough" rally at City Park. (credit: CBS)
Protest and Rally Public Service Announcement by Aurora Police on YouTube

"Open carrying of firearms is prohibited inside the specified protest area pursuant to AMC 94-154Colorado Revised Statute 29-11.7-104. Individuals will not be allowed into the area openly carrying firearms. Violation of this rule will be grounds to deny access or removal from the protest area, and refusal to leave will be a violation of  AMC 94-71, Trespass."

Dueling ICE demonstrations at GEO Detention Facility in Aurora

Dueling ICE demonstrations at GEO Detention Facility in Aurora

Posted by CBS Denver on Saturday, September 21, 2019
Copter 1410 start_frame_36126
Pro- and anti-ICE demonstrators meet at barricades separated by Aurora police. (credit: CBS)

Pro-ICE and anti-ICE demonstrators were seen filing up to barricades with police standing by on the other side.

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