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Aspen Speed Limit Signs Could Read '14 MPH'

ASPEN, Colo. (CBS4) - The city council in Aspen hopes to get drivers' attention with an unusual speed limit sign.

The sign reads "14 MPH."

People in one Aspen West End neighborhood say drivers are ignoring the current 25 mile per hour signs.

Residents also hope it would discourage motorists from cutting through the neighborhood to avoid congestion on Highway 82 near the S-curves.

According to the Aspen Times, Mayor Mick Ireland suggested an 18 mph limit because the number is out of the ordinary, but council members decided to drop the proposed limit down to 14 mph.

"We are still receiving complaints about speeding," City Engineer Trish Aragon told the Aspen Times. "Although from an engineering perspective, we don't see that they're speeding. But the perception still is that vehicles are speeding through the neighborhood."

The 60 new speed limit signs at a cost of slightly less than $500 per sign would cost more than $27,000, according to Aragon.

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