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Police Give Soldier LoJack After Truck Stolen

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) - A Master Sergeant in the Army got a nice surprise Thursday.

James Neily's Ford F-250 was stolen from his parent's home while he was deployed overseas.

CO- SOLDIER STOLEN TRUCK 6VO.transfer_frame_55
(credit: CBS)

Arvada Police were able to find it and give it back to the family.

So it doesn't get stolen again, they gave Neily a LoJack system for free.

CO- SOLDIER STOLEN TRUCK 6VO.transfer_frame_232
(credit: CBS)

"I'm trying to get the situation at least neutral when he comes back, so he's got bigger fish to worry about," said James's father John Neily.

The LoJack system activates when the owner reports the vehicle as stolen to the police. The system then sends a signal out to police so they can find its location.

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