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Woodlawn Residents Say Jackson Park Parking Lot Has Been A 'Nightmare' With Potholes, Cracks And Pooling Water For Years

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Woodlawn locals call the parking lot of a favorite city park a dangerous nightmare with potholes, cracks and pooling water.

They're turning to CBS 2 for help after years of trying to get it on their own.

It's a bumpy ride no matter how you pull into the Jackson Park parking lot. It's a bumpy walk, too.

"Well, they blame it on the construction," said Sylvester Dorsey. "That's what they keep saying."

"You pay taxes and this is what you get?" said Leon Berry.

"All walks of life come out here for the entertainment," said Edmund Lee Rivers. "And this is what you have to go through to be entertained? Really?"

Residents say they have been asking for a fix for years, calling and messaging just about everyone.

"This is a city lot," said Berry. "It sure is, so I don't understand why they keep passing the buck."

They say they're getting the runaround, so CBS 2 reached out to the alderman's office, the city and the park district.

"You have to hold on or you're going to lose a tire," Rivers said. "You're going to lose a rim. You're going to crack a rim. Your child is going to get hurt. Your dog is going to get hurt."

A city parks spokesperson sent the following statement regarding the situation:

"The lot is managed by an outside contractor, Standard Parking. We have alerted the contractor and they have assured us that they will be making the necessary repairs and are ready to mobilize as soon as weather permits."

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