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Stuck In The Storm: Woman Says She Could've Died In Her Car

CHICAGO (CBS) -- We're hearing from a woman faced with a life-or-death decision: stay with the car as it filled with water...or get out.

She told her story to CBS 2's Jeremy Ross.

The work inside Designs by Jody in Lake Bluff includes a potpourri of passion and petals. Jody Elting said the shop specializes in weddings. But on Monday she was more prepared for a funeral.

"Oh I'm sure I could've have died," said Elting. "10 more minutes my car would have been filled."

Around 9:00 a.m. Elting was surrounded by water. Her SUV had stalled out.

"I should've pulled over, but I kept going," said Elting who called 911 but never told the dispatcher the vehicle was filling up inside.

"The water was coming up through the floorboards. I yelled 'please help! Please help! I'm going to drown. And no one took a step," she said.

"I'm 77 years old and not one person came in that water," said Elting.

Shortly after she had back surgery, Elting's exit is captured on video. Her car eventually covered over.

Police said when they arrived Elting was already leaving the driver's seat. Firefighters said they were helping others on the opposite side of the scene and sent an ambulance. But she was in the process of getting out by then.

Fortunately she's back at work. But getting away from Monday's danger has left its mark.

"I'm really badly shaken," said Elting. "It hurts to even step on my left leg now."

As for her car, there's mud and debris caked all over it. The 2014 Mercedes Benz is a total loss due to severe weather.

Police said the department has received no formal or informal complaints by Elting.

She said she plans on talking with city officials about the ordeal.

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