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Waubonsie Valley High School Student Seen Yelling Racial Slur On Snapchat; Some Think Discipline Was Insufficient

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) -- Controversy has erupted in Aurora surrounding a Snapchat video posted by a Waubonsie Valley High School student.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported Wednesday night, an Aurora teen was seen on the Snapchat video yelling the N-word. The discovery of the video has some demanding the school district do more.

The racially insensitive video was not recorded at the school. But that didn't stop classmates and administrators from seeing it and reacting.

Now, the teen captured on video yelling the N-word finds herself in trouble - but some believe the punishment isn't harsh enough.

In the 20-second video, the 10th grader at Waubonsie Valley High screams the N-word as others encourage her. The girl laughs, but her classmates did not find it funny at all.

"I was like, oh, I know her," said one freshman, who is black, and who is also on a dance team with the girl in the video, who is white. "It's more like, be careful not to show you're a racist."

The classmate said the girl who appeared in the Snapchat was apologetic when the principal called the team together last week.

"I felt like she was just like crying and upset because she's in trouble," the freshman said.

The school district determined the video was taken at someone's house on New Year's Eve.

"Whose ever home his was does share some of the guilt here in this happening," the freshman's mother said.

The freshman's mother, who did not want her daughter identified out of fear of retaliation, believes the district did not move swiftly enough when it discovered the Snapchat video showed their student.

"I am not going to accept this type of environment for my child," the freshman's mother said.

The high school's principal sent a robocall to parents Wednesday night, only after CBS 2 sent emails and made calls.

"Messages of intolerance that further create spite are not tolerated in our school setting, and moments such as this give our school community an opportunity to further do what it does best," principal Jason Stipp says in the robocall.

The student handbook has restrictions about racial slurs. But because this happened off campus on winter break, they say their reach is limited.

"She's not off the team," the freshman said. "She just can't participate in our showcase we're having in February."

A spokesman for Indian Prairie School District 204 refused to say what specific disciplinary action was taken against the student. But he added the school will continue to meet with students to ensure everyone understands the severity of the Snapchat post.

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