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Watch: Dashcam Video Shows Chicago Police Officer Firing At Black Teens In Car

(CBS) -- Dashcam video has emerged of a Chicago police officer unleashing a barrage of gunfire at a car filled with black teens.

The video shows the officer firing at the car as it was backing away during a traffic stop in December 2013. Two of the teens were hurt.

The video was released to the Chicago Reporter by a retired judge. CBS 2's Dana Kozlov spoke to the reporter who obtained the video.

Chicago Reporter's editor and publisher Susan Richardson says Judge Andrew Berman was so incensed by the police dashcam video, he wanted people to see it.

"He presented it to us because he thought people needed to see it and understand it," she said.

Back in 2013, Fraternal Order of Police spokesperson Pat Camden says the officer opened fire because he was concerned a passenger, apparently exiting the car, might be dragged. Camden declined to comment after seeing the video.

Richardson says this video shows that wasn't the case. She calls this a snapshot of what is happening with police and the public around the country, especially in African-American communities.

But, it's also an issue of fiscal responsibility. The families in this case sued and she says a $360,000 settlement is pending.

"The question we want to raise by showing the video like any other videos that you have around the country is to raise a conversation about the standards and practices in policing," Richardson said.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement saying, "Each time an officer fires their weapon is a serious matter, which is why the city takes two very important steps for each shooting incident: we conduct an independent, civilian led investigation, and we refer each incident to prosecutors to determine if criminal charges are appropriate. In regard to this incident, the officer was immediately moved off the street and assigned to desk duty, and the matter was referred to state and federal authorities. Due to pending investigations, CPD cannot comment further."

An Independent Police Review Authority spokesperson says there is still a pending investigation.

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