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Parents, Students At Warren Township And Mundelein High School Protest For Option To Go Maskless

CHICAGO (CBS) -- More protests against wearing masks in the classroom Wednesday as students at both Mundelein High School and Warren Township High School rallied outside school buildings.

CBS 2's Mugo Odigwe details what they are asking for.

This is an issue so many schools throughout the state are dealing with right now.

And it really all comes down to one thing -- students and parents say they want a choice to go maskless.

"I'm just protesting not wearing a mask."

Logan Sweeney is a senior at Warren Township High School. He says he's vaccinated and has done everything he can to finally have the option to not have to wear a mask at school. That's why he wants administrators to give him that choice.

"I, myself am an athlete. I do a lot of sports, one thing I find is that it's very hard to breathe it's hard to see people, see smiles. It's hard for me to put a face on anybody."

Sweeney and dozens of his fellow students, along with some parents, rallied outside the school Wednesday morning. they tell us school administrators refused to let them in without a mask.

We spoke with one parent who says he doesn't believe vaccines or masks work to keep people safe.

"As hundreds of other schools have gone mask optional, we want warren high school to do the same thing," said Alex Attiah, parent.

We've seen similar protests in the past few days. Parents and students showing up at school boards demanding their kids take off the mask.

Over at Mundelein High School Wednesday morning, about 25 students walked out of class today -- they too are asking for the option to go maskless.

While the school didn't allow us on the property, we saw a few students from a distance standing outside the school building.

School officials said they wouldn't be allowed inside without a mask on.

Back at Warren Township:

"We're not asking for everyone to be with or without. We're not pro or con. We just hoping that everyone gets a choice," Sweeney said.

Students and parents are not being ignored. In fact, we're told the school board at Warren Township might meet tomorrow to vote on if masks will be optional.

We'll keep you updated on if that meeting and vote takes place.


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