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Walton Goggins On 'The Unicorns' Final Few Episodes Of Season Two: 'You Will Laugh, There Will Be Moments Where You'll Cry'

(CBS) - The Unicorn is back with another new episode titled "In Memory Of...". In tonight's chapter a memorial is planned for Wade's (Walton Goggins) late wife that leads daughter Natalie to discover that she is starting to lose some memories about her mother that the family has to come to terms with.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Goggins about this week's episode, working with both of his "TV daughters" and what fans can expect for the rest of season two.

MW: Walton, good to see you my man. How's everything going?

WG: Good buddy. Good

MW: We're in season two of The Unicorn now and I'm curious to hear from your perspective. What's the difference in the second season versus the first season, if any?

WG: Well, I am lucky to have been in the second season for a number of shows now, and so I'm familiar with what can happen if you do it right. I think the thing that's happened on The Unicorn is you don't have to spend time setting up the situations that these people find themselves in and trying to understand who they are as people.

In the second season you just know who they are and it makes it just much easier to slip right into their point of view. I think that's what most shows do or become with the first season under their belt. The writers understand who you are as a person and they start writing to your personalities. That's sometimes dangerous; getting so close to the writers and they become your really good friends. Then they start mining your life and using your own ticks. [laughs] That's kind of what's happened in season two, everything is just gotten more focused.

These characters are more three-dimensional. The stakes that we deal with on our show are just more familiar to the audience. The lessons that we're learning as people have gotten even deeper. I'm really proud of it. I can't tell you enough with the world and everything that this world has gone through in the last year, to be in this very special situation on this show being able to talk about the things that we talk about that are infinitely relatable to people is something that we all are very grateful for.

MW: So season two you already have that momentum versus in season one you're just starting from a complete stop.

WG: Right. Season one is about introducing yourselves to people and season two is about taking a walk with them and having a conversation. I love it, I really do.

MW: This Thursday the new episode coming out called is "In Memory Of..." where there's a memorial created for Wade's late wife and one of the daughters, Natalie, realizes she starting to lose some of those memories of her mother. What are we going to see out of this week's episode?

WG: I mean, you'll laugh for sure but you'll also feel. The way that a parent feels when their child is going through something. Most of season two has been centered around this new relationship, this new love in Wade's life between him and Shannon played by Natalie Zea. The grief and the experience of grief and the experience of loss is not linear. It's not in a straight line; it goes up and down.

This very kind gesture is made and all of a sudden brings up these feelings, which we all thought we had gotten over. It brings it up for my daughter, Natalie, as much as anybody. The idea that the memories that she has of her mom are not real, they didn't really happen, then what is real, what are the memories that I have of my mom and what happens if I forget her? She doesn't want to forget her.

That's what the story is about and what memories mean. What is really kind of important about it, and I think we all experienced that, whether it's our own child's lives, things that we've forgotten, or in our own childhoods and things that we've forgotten and I'm so proud of this episode and all of them. That leads us right into where we need to be for the last three episodes of the season.

MW: The show's cast, so many very funny people, very talented veteran actors with yourself, Omar, Maya, Michaela, and Rob. There's just so many huge names. Then we also have Makenzie Moss playing Natalie and Ruby Jay playing Grace, these younger actors early on in their careers. How impressed have you been with those two working alongside all of you veterans?

WG: I just love them so much and Devin, all the kids on the show. I get to work with Ruby and Makenzie the most and to see these young actors and their desire to learn. They're learning, they're soaking everything up. I think it's incumbent upon all of us who have any experience in any field to pay it forward. The student becomes the teacher becomes the student becomes the teacher.

I spend a lot of time with both Ruby and Makenzie when they're working, talking about the situations that were in this episode in particular. Makenzie's just so good. She's so honest. She's capable of really making people laugh, but she's also a deep, deep young person. We talked about moms and about memories. We would leave the camera rolling and I said think about that, let's take that back, there's no time limit on it. Do it any way you want, try this way. It's been this freeing open experience. We've all become like a family. I just love it, they're special people.

MW: The fact that they have you as a resource with the career you've had that's pretty incredible for them, I'd imagine.

WG: Thank you so much for saying that.

MW: Of course, now as you said before only a few episodes left in season two and you've gotten such great feedback from fans. Is there any message you want to put out to the fans as we get ready for these last few episodes?

WG: After tomorrow night's episode, we have three left. I hope that this has been a comfort during this time. I can tell you that with the last four episodes including tomorrow night's episode, we don't drop the ball. We went to work every single day in order to tell the story.

From our hearts, I promise you will laugh. You will laugh so much over these next four and a half hours. There will be moments where you'll cry. I promise you, you will because I did at what was happening around me. Thank you so much for going on this journey with us. We can't wait to see you in season three.

MW: Fantastic. Thank you so much, Walton, always a pleasure. All the best!

WG: Always a pleasure!

Tune in for new episodes of The Unicorn, Thursdays at 9:30PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.

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