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VH1's "Tough Love" Casting In Chicago

VH1's "Tough Love" reality t.v. show came to Chicago today, hoping to help a few lucky ladies reform their dating skills. Casting is now taking place for Season Three of the singles women's version of Tough Love. Casting agent Damon Collazo says the competition is tough. They will only be selecting eight ladies for the show. So far, Collazo says they have looked at women in Las Vegas, New York, Dallas and Chicago, and may also extend that to Scottsdale, Arizona. Collazo stresses that this is no cattle call, as many "open casting auditions" are sometimes referred to. Collazo and Buxbaum spent about 20 minutes interviewing each group of three women today, at a near west side bar. Eight ladies will be selected for the show. Shooting will take place over a five week period in Miami, starting next month. Any single Chicago ladies who didn't get out to the open casting call today can still apply online. The competition is open to any single ladies age 18 and up. Go to


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