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Vet, Manager Of Dolton Animal Hospital Charged With Animal Cruelty

(CBS) -- The veterinarian and the manager of a Dolton animal hospital have both been charged after several dead and malnourished dogs were discovered at the facility, according to the Cook County Sheriff.

Sheriff Tom Dart says Sharon Cargile, the manager of the Dolton Animal Hospital told investigators things just got away from her. That's how she explained the horrible conditions that led to the deaths of four dogs and the rescue of nine other animals, many in bad shape. She and Dr. Armadeep Sangha are facing more than a dozen misdemeanor charges, including animal cruelty.

Dolton Animal Hospital
Dr. Amardeep Sangha (left) and Sharon Cargile (right). (Credit: Cook County Sheriff's Office)

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports, some dog owners want answers and their dogs back.

It's been a frustrating two days for dog owner Steven Bullock. One day after dropping his puppy Kaos off at the now shuttered Dolton Animal Hospital, he saw video of Kaos being led out of the facility by Cook County Sheriff's employees. Since then, he's been trying to get him back from the animal welfare league.

"They told me well he is under investigation and he has been quarantined so I couldn't see him but he is there. They say he has to be released by the sheriff," Bullock said.


Kaos, who was one of the surviving dogs taken from the hospital sunday, should now be released soon - now that misdemeanor charges against the hospital's vet, Dr. Armadeep Sangha and his assistant Sharon Cargiles have been announced.

"What everyone saw when they went into this place was well beyond what anybody who was just being neglectful," said Sheriff Dart.

But other dog owners say they still have lots of questions about Dr. Sangha and the hospital.

Warren Daniels says he brought his healthy four-year-old English Bulldog Rocky to the hospital for boarding last February. When he returned five days later, Sangha's assistant told him Rocky was dead of a heart attack.

"Now looking back at it, I bet you there was some foul play involved," said Daniels.

Dr. Sangha's veterinary license was active as of yesterday but today, a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations told Kozlov, "Whenever IDFPR learns of a possible violation of a Practice Act we open an investigation." That would certainly apply in this case.

WBBM Newsradio's Bob Roberts reports the surviving dogs and dying cat were transported to the Animal Welfare League office in Chicago Ridge, where they remained Tuesday. Half a dozen dogs were paraded before cameras wagging their tails and ready to play, although they still showed signs of having been emaciated.

Two dogs remain touch-and-go. One is a pit bull that suffered ruptured mammary glands and had to undergo a double mastectomy. The other is a Labrador retriever-terrier mix that could still lose a leg to sepsis allegedly contracted because of the filth in the Dolton clinic.

Dr. Mark Kahn, a staff veterinarian at the Animal Welfare League, said the two dogs have received the equivalent of $2,500 in medical care since Sunday and face months of rehabilitation.

Dart said he would ask the Cook County Board for an ordinance that requires regular inspection of any animal hospital that takes in strays for local communities. Sangha and Cargile appear in Markham Court Nov. 19.

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