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Urlacher: We Didn't Make Mistakes Under Lovie

(CBS) -- Without mentioning names, former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher made some pointed comments on the current Bears coaching staff in a report by Dan Pompei.

The former Bears star told Pompei, "The thing is, when Lovie was there, we didn't make mistakes. We didn't run through wrong gaps. We did our walk-throughs every day and we knew where we needed to fit, we knew what we needed to do every single play. I'm not sure what's going on right now, but there are some big--- gaps.

"The other thing about a Lovie Smith defense, you know it's going to play hard as hell. You always saw guys running to the football. That's how we got so many takeaways. If you didn't run to the football with Lovie, you would not be on the field."

This year's Bears defense ranks 30th in points allowed and is 13th in turnovers, which was a staple of Lovie Smith's defenses.


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