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Urlacher Not Happy About Being Taken Out Of Game Early

By Adam Hoge-

SOLDIER FIELD (CBS) Brian Urlacher looked rusty in his return to the playing field and once the Bears built a comfortable lead in their 41-21 win over the Colts, Lovie Smith elected to pull his middle linebacker from the game.

"That was a change up," Urlacher said. "No, I don't like coming out of the game. But that's the head coach. I do what he says."

Smith admitted Urlacher, who had just two tackles in the game, wasn't happy about coming out.

"Brian wanted to play the entire game," the head coach said. "When we told him he was coming out, it's not like he told us that it was a great idea. He knows there's a bigger picture."

And that bigger picture is even more important considering the Bears now just have three days to get ready for Thursday night's game at Green Bay.

"It's his first action," Smith said. "It's like in a preseason game, you're not going to let a guy go that entire time unless you have to, and we didn't have to today."
That was a luxury for the Bears, and Urlacher insists he came out of the game healthy.

"I felt good," the linebacker said. "I had no issues moving around. No pain, nothing like that. Felt good. Stupid brace was there, but that was about it."

And the time off on the sidelines allowed Urlacher to watch the offensive fireworks.

"It was fun to watch. I had a good seat for the second half," he said with a smirk.

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