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Tips For Avoiding The Coronavirus While Shopping

CHICAGO (CBS) -- One thing many people are still doing during the pandemic is getting their groceries.

But how safe is shopping in the store?

CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker went straight to a wellness doctor for the answer and some tips on how to protect yourself.

It's an essential chore, so grocers are doing what they can to make us feel safe. Shoppers are also taking precautions.

Rule number one: wipe down the basket and carts. That's according to certified integrative health coach Doctor Carla Hightower. She said it doesn't hurt to have your wipes.

"They often have dispensers but might run out," Hightower cautioned.

Inside the stores, there's nothing much you can do to avoid products that have been handled by other shoppers. The key to your safety is as soon as you get the bags home, head for the sink.

"As soon as you can, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds," she added.

Now, the groceries. According to health experts, the virus lives on cardboard for 24 hours, plastic for three days and cans for two to three days.

Hightower's suggestion:

"I bought a can of beans. I would wash for 20 seconds with soap and water."

As for cardboard, she suggests setting it  it aside for a day. And if the package is a combo of plastic and cardboard...

"I would set his aside for three days in a cabinet I don't go into much," Hightower said.

This is not a time to skip eating your veggies, but do take extra precautions. For the prepackaged veggies, take them out.

Once you're put all the groceries away, do a through job of wiping down the counters, sinks -- everything with soap and water.

The good news is soap will break down the virus. It's not sturdy enough to survive the soap.

One more tip: If you carry your groceries in a plastic reusable bag, don't forget to wipe it down with soap and water before storing it and using it again.

Take the cloth ones and throw them in the wash. Or you could just choose the regular plastic bags offered at the checkout and toss them when you get home.


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