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Swarm Of Bees Sting Dog Over 300 Times, Killing The Animal

(CBS) — A swarm of bees stung a California dog more than 300 times resulting in the death of the animal.

Fire crews responded to the scene, where a dog and its three puppies were killed after being attacked by a swarm of bees. Firefighters displaced the remaining bees by filling a tree with foam. CBS Los Angeles's Crystal Cruz reports.

Officials believe the dog somehow aggravated the bees leading up to the attack.

The dogs were not the only victims of the bees' attack. The property owner's son told CBS 2 that he was stung by bees from the hive weeks before they attacked the dogs.

The dog's owner, Sinthia Sullivan was also attacked be the bees. She said after the bees stung the dog, they attacked her, her landlord and the puppies.

"There were thousands of them," Sullivan said. "There were so many, I couldn't see. They were all in my hair."

Firefighters took Sullivan and her 70-year-old landlord to the hospital. Both were stung a few dozen times.

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