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Suspect Wanted On Warrants In California, Including One For Murder, Is Shot And Killed By Amtrak Police At Union Station

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Amtrak police at Union Station shot and killed a man wanted on a murder warrant out of California late Tuesday.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, the man died late Tuesday after being shot by officers late in the afternoon. Police said the man hopped on an Amtrak California Zephyr train and might have spent days carrying a gun on board with Amtrak passengers.

It was not specified where the man got on, but the line runs from Emeryville, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa before entering Illinois.

Chicago Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari told reporters that Amtrak police were notified by California law enforcement that the man was headed to Union Station on a train. The man had several pending warrants – including one for murder – and he did not expect to see police officers waiting for him when the train pulled into Union Station.

When the train pulled up to Track 30, the man did not surrender.

"The suspect ran from uniformed officers - injuring an Amtrak employee - and subsequently opened fire on Amtrak police officers," Magliari said.

An officer fired back and struck the man, Magliari said. Video showed the man being wheeled away on a stretcher through the station.

Union Station Suspect
(Credit: Chris Tye/CBS 2)

The situation made for some scary moments on the platform – as frantic calls for help and backup were issued over police radio.

The Fire Department said four people were taken to the hospital from the scene.

The suspect who was shot was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in traumatic arrest. The Cook County Medical Examiner's office confirmed he later died. His identity had not been released Tuesday night.

Two others were taken to Rush University Medical Center and one more was taken to the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center. It was not clear who all of them were, but Magliari said the Amtrak employee who was injured was hospitalized, and an officer was hospitalized for observation.

Union Station Police Shooting
(Credit: CBS 2)

The shooting in busy station also left travelers in shock. Those on the train told CBS 2's Chris Tye that Amtrak never explained to passengers the magnitude of what was going on.

"Nobody never said nothing. They still haven't said nothing," said Chris Harris, who had been traveling from California on the train with his daughter and sister.

Tye asked Harris what it was like knowing gunfire had erupted at the station.

"It's crazy," Harris said, "because they're still not saying nothing."

Terry pressed Magliari about the emergency plan and how those at Union Station were notified. Magliari declined to answer the question.

Terry: "Was there any notice to passengers in Union Station about what happened? We're told that they were not informed. Can you step back up to the mic and clarify that for our viewers?"

Magliari: "I have nothing further tonight."

Following the shooting, yellow and red crime scene tape cordoned off the platform where it happened.

Amtrak Train Where Police Shooting Occurred
(Credit: Chris Tye/CBS 2)

All Amtrak service to and from Chicago was suspended for hours. Metra service was not affected.

Police also shut down Canal Street near the scene after the shooting.

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