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"Progress Is Being Made" In Semaj Crosby Death Investigation

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Three months after the mysterious death of 17-month-old Semaj Crosby, Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said "progress is being made" in the investigation, and insisted investigators are "not running in mud."

Semaj was reported missing on April 25. After two days of searching the area around her home in unincorporated Joliet Township, police found her body inside the house on April 27, under a couch.

An autopsy was inconclusive, pending the results of full toxicology tests. However, her death has been ruled suspicious and the case remains open. The Will County Sheriff's office has said there were no obvious signs of trauma or injury.

Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said the circumstances of Semaj's death are not simple.

"They're not simple forensically. That's the problem. You know, the forensic evidence isn't as clear cut as it would be in some cases. Whenever you have a young child, there aren't always the physical representations of what happened to them," he said.

Glasgow said the forensics in a toddler's death are not as simple as they might be in older people.

"Progress is being made. I can't say what, okay? But it's not the end of the line, and we're never going to let this one go, obviously," Glasgow says.

When Semaj's body was found, police revealed that a number of squatters had lived in the home with Semaj's family. The Will County Sheriff's Office has said some witnesses were being re-interviewed.

Glasgow said detectives sheriff's office are "tenacious" and are continuing to find out what happened to Semaj.

"All I can say is we have made progress; that we're not running in mud," he said.

After Semaj's body was found, officials deemed the home uninhabitable, saying it was in "very deplorable condition." The vacant house later burned to the ground in a possible case of arson.

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