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Schuster: Rose Interview Insulted Local Reporters

By David Schuster-

(CBS) Say what you want about Tuesday's story on Derrick Rose potentially not playing this season (and I don't believe that for a moment) but the part that upset me is that Rose granted an interview to a reporter from the national media.

I'm sure it wasn't Rose's idea himself, but rather one of his handlers or business managers.

I happen to cover the Bulls on a fairly regular basis, and, along with my brethren, we were told that when Rose was ready, he would talk to us as a group. We all conversed with Rose when we saw him at the United Center or at the Bulls practice facility, but with respect to Rose's wishes, none of us pestered him about when - or if - he was coming back.

So you can imagine our surprise when we learned Rose had granted an interview with USA Today. In a word, that was (pun intended) Bull.

I understand that Rose is a money-making machine for his shoe company and so many other products. And that by having this article come out in a national publication it serves a financial purpose. But how many times have we heard that Rose is a "Chicago guy" and his roots and heart are from his home city. To bypass and stiff the local media was an incredible insult.

The message to the local media was blatantly clear: You folks don't matter as much as the entities that can build up Rose's stature even more.

Again, I don't think this was Rose's decision. It undoubtedly came from others, but it also means that the "Chicago Guy" is not so much so anymore. And it also means that the local media will no longer be so accommodating to the wishes out of Rose's camp going forward.

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