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School Administrators Plan Push To Overhaul Public Schools


CHICAGO (CBS) -- A group of school administrators has outlined a plan to change curricula and modify some hiring practices, in an effort to improve school performance; but overhauling school funding has proven to be a thorny issue.

Groups of school administrators, regional superintendents, and school boards have collaborated on a new education plan called "Vision 20/20."

The group has said it is planning a major legislative push to implement plans to change education in Illinois, by addressing areas such as classroom curriculum, increasing the number of effective teachers, and changing how schools are funded.

Vision 20/20 co-chair Roger Eddy – a former Republican state representative, teacher, and school superintendent who now heads the Illinois Association of School Boards – said funding for schools should be evidence-based.

"Let's base our funding system on outcomes, and best practice. Determine what that is, and adequately fund it," he said.

The plan would not address Senate Bill 16, a measure that would revamp state funding for public schools … but Brent Clark, executive director of the Illinois Association of School Administrators, suggested a different approach.

"Stop the ratcheting up of property taxes, and maybe even look at some way of beginning to trail off on the income tax. I know there's the big debate coming on that," he said.

School reform is the subject of this weekend's edition of "At Issue," airing Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

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