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Jewish Community Honors Victim of Rogers Park Killer

CHICAGO (CBS)--Still shaken by two unsolved shocking murders carried out by a masked killer still on the loose, the Rogers Park community shelved their fear Thursday night to remember 24-year-old victim Eliyahu Moscowitz.

He was shot and killed at point blank range a little over a week ago as he walked alone in Loyola Park. The killer's first victim, 67-year-old Douglass Watts, was killed 23 hours earlier as he walked his dog on a Sunday morning.

Thursday night members of Moscowitz's family joined with the local Jewish community not to wallow in fear and sadness, but to celebrate his life.
"We miss you--we lost a jewel," his father Mendel Moscowitz said while speaking at his West Rogers Park synagogue.
Police have more than 230 tips, but the killer is still on the loose tonight.
Rogers Park resident Tim Gallagher said he's doubtful the killer will be caught unless he kills again.
"It's been stressful," Gallagher said. "People (have) been very much on edge."


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