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R. Kelly's Brother: 'I Just Know He Has A Problem With Control'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Carey Kelly, singer R. Kelly's younger brother, says he has nothing to gain by lying, and he does not regret taking part in the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly."

"I'm still surviving R. Kelly," he said. "Because I got to look over my shoulders."


Carey grew up with R. Kelly in Chicago, and he's speaking out now.

"To see all these other women come forth and hear the allegations and different things, I felt bad that I didn't speak earlier than what I did," he said.

Carey says he hasn't talked to his brother, whom he still calls Robert, since the singer's acquittal on child pornography charges more than a decade ago, charges that centered on a sex tape R. Kelly allegedly made with an underage girl. At the time, there was talk Carey was actually the man on the tape.

"I was not the man in that video," Carey said.

After the case ended, Carey says the two spoke by phone.

"Once he beat that case, I called him, and I said, 'Hey man, you know, God gave you another chance, you know. God gave you another chance.' And his arrogance, and people not believing different things that he's accused of said, 'God didn't give me another chance. I gave me another chance. My money gave me another chance.'"


That was their last conversation. Since then, more than a dozen women have accused R. Kelly of mistreating and abusing them, sometimes when they were underage, and sometimes in the singer's West Town studio.

When asked if there was any truth to the allegations, Carey said, "He married Aaliyah. I don't get no truer than that."

Aaliyah was 15 at the time. The marriage was later annulled.

When asked if R. Kelly is a pedophile, Carey Kelly said, "I mean, I can't say that for sure. I just know that he has a problem with control. I love my brother, but he do have a problem. And if anybody out there love him, they should want to see him get help."

Carey Kelly says he noticed troubling behavior decades ago, when his brother would ask him to "get girls for him at concerts."

"I mean, to me they looked underage," Carey said.

Carey says there's fallout from him speaking out. It's divided his family, leading some members to make what he calls false allegations of sexual molestation against him. He says his 12-year-old daughter was bullied, then unfairly suspended for making threats against her school, even though a friend confessed he'd made it up. District 148 officials declined comment.

"You have the people over here on this side is speaking the truth, and they're not with that. They don't condone it. Then you have people on this side feeling like, well if I ever say anything bad about Robert, he might not give me anything. He might cut me off," Carey said.

Carey says he was repeatedly molested by a family member as a child and believes his brother may have been as well.

CBS 2 reached out to R. Kelly's attorney for comment but did not hear back.


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