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Prostitution Charges Filed Against Man Accused Of Killing Woman

HAMMOND, Ind. (STMW) -- A Chicago man already charged in northwest Indiana with murdering a woman is now facing federal charges of taking that woman and others across state lines for prostitution, the Post-Tribune is reporting.

Nathan Demar Huey-Dingle was ordered held without bond during his initial appearance Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Hammond. A detention and probable cause hearing is set for Monday. He is already charged with murder in Jasper County, Ind.

A probable cause affidavit filed in the case provided more details into the death of his alleged victim, identified in federal filings only as R.W., a 20-year-old woman from South Bend, Ind.

Indiana State Police discovered R.W. badly beaten in Huey-Dingle's car along I-65 in Jasper County on Sept. 13. She died several hours later.

The affidavit claims Huey-Dingle was driving the victim and another woman, identified only as J.H., an 18-year-old Chicago woman, from Chicago to Indianapolis because they could make more money as prostitutes there.

J.H. told police Huey-Dingle and R.W. were arguing because he was mad she hadn't made more money.

They stopped at the Marathon gas station in Portage, Ind., on U.S. 20, and R.W. can be seen in security footage locking herself into a bathroom.

Huey-Dingle started yelling at her to leave, and when an employee told him he needed to stop, Huey-Dingle said he was going to "beat this (expletive) (expletive) when she come out of that bathroom."

He then brought some dogs into the gas station, yelling at R.W. that he would kill them if she didn't give him money.

When R.W. opened the door, Huey-Dingle punched her in the face four times. The employee told police the woman kept standing and it seemed as though she had been punched many times before.

The employee then tried to pull Huey-Dingle away, and the defendant threatened to kill the employee, according to the affidavit.

When the employee asked R.W. if she wanted the police called, she said no.

She finally got back into the car, and the three left the station, with Huey-Dingle and R.W. still fighting. J.H. said they drove to an unknown area by bushes and trees where Huey-Dingle pulled R.W. out of the car by her hair. He then started hitting and stomping on her, and yelling at her for making a scene in a public place when she knew he had a warrant out for his arrest.

The beating got so bad, J.H. said, that R.W. just laid on the ground not moving as he kept beating her. He finally threw her into the back seat and kept driving for another 25 to 30 minutes. R.W. started begging for water and saying her insides felt like they would "fall out."

However, when Huey-Dingle finally stopped, he again pulled R.W. out of the car by her hair and started beating her again. When he told her to get up and fight back, she said she couldn't because something was wrong with her leg.

According to the affidavit, he dragged her along the ground, threw her back in the car and drove for some time again.

The car eventually broke down on I-65, however, and as they sat on the road, J.H. said, she heard R.W. take a loud breath and then couldn't hear any more breathing.

J.H. said Huey-Dingle said she was faking but that J.H. called police once she found her cell phone.

When police arrived, they discovered the back seat of the car was covered in blood, and Huey-Dingle told them that an unknown black man had beaten R.W. in a hotel room in Chicago.

He also claimed that she was the leader of a prostitution ring in Chicago.

However, the affidavit claims Huey-Dingle was actually in charge and tricked women into prostituting themselves by claiming they could make lots of money when in reality he made them give all the cash to him.

J.H. told police he asked her a few days before the beating if she wanted to make money by having sex. He told her what name to use and how much to charge and then drove her to the Milwaukee area to have sex with someone. When she was done, he offered to hold the money for her, J.H. said, but she never saw it again.

The Portage gas station employee also told police that Huey-Dingle called J.H. his hooker and R.W. his wife.

Online ads also show R.W. available as an escort in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

According to the affidavit, numerous text messages sent to phones found in Huey-Dingle's car are from people asking questions about rates, what the women will do and whether the women are police officers. One outgoing text message asks for directions to someone's place in Portage.

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