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Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Says He Doesn't Want Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Support

(CBS) -- Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a stop in Chicago Wednesday.

Sanders and about two dozen supporters stood on the stage at the Provision Theater on the city's West Side.

Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia, who Sanders supported for the Chicago Mayoral race, was in attendance. The crowd was also quite small compared to other Sanders events.

During his speech to supporters, Sanders went over the issues he'd tackle if elected president. Those issues include things like institutionalized racism, and what he says is a broken justice system.


During a very brief Q and A with reporters, Sanders was asked whether he'd accept Emanuel's support if he becomes the Democratic nominee.

"If the question is do I want or need Rahm Emanuel's support for president, with all due respect for the mayor, no I don't," Sanders said.

Sanders had to catch a flight immediately after the event. He said he had to get back to Vermont so he could be there in time for the holidays.

Earlier in the day, Sanders met with leaders in the local Black and Latino communities at a private invite only event.

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