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Desperate Donut Shop Seeks Help Filling Financial Hole For Expensive Pipe Repair

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Closed since the beginning of the year, a desperate donut and popcorn maker is turning to his customers for help after getting hit with a massive bill.

Poppin Dough, 1235 W. 95th Street in the Longwood Manor neighborhood has been closed since New Year's Day because it cannot afford to pay to repair a broken pipe that is on city property.

The shop has launched a Go Fund Me page to raise the money needed to fix the plumbing problem

Co-owner Richard Gray, took to Facebook a day ago, to let his loyal customers know, why his shop has been closed since December. The store, a staple here in the Longwood Manor community for nearly seven years, is famous for its cheesy caramel corn and apple fritters.

"Some time ago I had a flood and a pipe broke out in front of the store," Gray said in a Facebook video.

Gray said every time he'd flush a toilet or wash dishes in his business, the basement in the attached house behind Poppin Dough, would fill with waste water. The culprit is a collapsed pipe that leads from Gray's business to the sidewalk and right into 95th Street.

"Since I have a commercial property, it's my responsibility to do it," Gray told CBS 2.

The cost to fix the pipe? $42,000.

The insurance policy covers repairs inside the building only.

"I learned that the hard way, too," Gray said.

Gray said he is hoping his loyal customers, that he affectionately calls, his "Poptastic family" will help. He hopes to reopen in March.

"Anytime they leave my shop, they know, we say, have a Poptastic day,' because we will get through this and I'll definitely have a Poptastic day."



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