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Police To A.J.'s Family: 'His Killers Have Been Brought To Justice'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Confirming that they have found the body of the five-year-old A.J. Freund, local and federal authorities had a message for the child's family: "His killers have been brought to justice."

At a news conference, Crystal Lake Police Chief James Black detailed the investigation which included the revelation that the child's body was found early Wednesday morning in a shallow grave in Woodstock, and that both his mother and father have been charged with five counts of murder each.

Black added that the investigation included that "information was obtained through forensic analysis of cell phone data." Black said that both parents provided information in the recovery of Freund's body.

While addressing the media, Black thanked local law enforcement and agencies as well as the FBI in the search for Freund. Black also addressed the child's family offering condolences from his department and a specific message.

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"To A.J.'s family, it is my hope that you have some solace in knowing that A.J. is no longer suffering and his killers have been brought to justice," said Black, who added a message to A.J.

"We know you are at peace playing in heaven's playground and are happy you no longer have to suffer."

FBI Special Agent Jeff Sallett also addressed the child's family.

"To A.J.'s family, our deepest and heartfelt condolences on A.J.'s loss. This is not the outcome that we want to talk about when we come before you, but it is the unfortunate result in this investigation."

Explore the timeline of his disappearance and follow developments in the case here.

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