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Former Brazilian Governor Claims $2 Million Bribe For Olympics Games

CHICAGO (CBS)-- The former governor of Rio De Janiero said he paid a $2 million bribe, to help bring the 2016 Olympic Games to the Brazilian city -- the games, Chicago fought to host.

Sergio Cabral dropped the bombshell during court testimony, in an attempt to reduce his corruption sentence.

Cabral claims the money bought as many as nine votes, during the International Olympic Committee's decision-making process.

Other officials implicated in the alleged scheme, deny it all, saying Cabral has no evidence.

In the end, Rio was selected over Madrid, Tokyo and of course Chicago.

There were a lot of sad faces in Daley Plaza back in 2009, when it was announced Chicago's bid was first to be eliminated despite heavy hitters, like President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey trying to persuade Olympic officials.

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