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Northwestern Professor Quits, Cites Students Behaving Badly

EVANSTON (CBS) -- An adjunct professor at Northwestern's School of Medicine has quit his job, and he's moving away from the Evanston campus because he says he's angry and disgusted that the school is tolerating bad behavior by students.

Evanston Professor Quits

"The used condoms tend to show up in the back yard, actually," said Dr. Mark Waymack, a former Adjunct Associate Professor in Medical Humanities and Bioethics at Northwestern.

He lives very close to the school's Evanston campus, where he says he's seen a lot of students behaving badly.

"And the vomit, the beer cans in the hedges. I think they horse around late at night."

Waymack says he feels shame and guilt by association that Northwestern is tolerating all this and not really addressing the issue.

"There hasn't been any real engagement, real enforcement. It's much more of a tolerance of students-will-be-students."

Waymack is resigning from Northwestern.

He is still a philosophy professor at Loyola.

A Northwestern spokesman said, "We are sorry to hear he apparently feels our students' behavior has been troublesome.

"The university tries to be a good neighbor and hopes our students are good neighbors as well. We wish him well in his future endeavors."

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