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Migrants housed on Chicago's North Side moving to the South Side

Migrants housed on Chicago's North Side moving to the South Side
Migrants housed on Chicago's North Side moving to the South Side 02:20

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dozens of migrant families at a shelter on Chicago's North Side are being told they have to relocate miles away to Daley College on the South Side.

But many of them are pleading with the city to stay in place with support from people in the community. CBS 2's Asal Rezaei reports from West Ridge where families are still waiting for buses to arrive to move the migrants

Nearly 40 families have been staying at the old YMCA for the past month, they were told this would be a permanent shelter for them. And now, to make room for more migrants, specifically single men, they're being told they have to relocate to a shelter on the opposite end of the city

Migrants to be moved, again, to the South Side 01:06

People in the community said communication from city leaders has not been as transparent as they'd hoped and there is no clear plan in place.

Migrants there told CBS 2 they've been in contact with some of their family members who are staying at the Daley College shelter and have been told it's housing only single men and women right now and that the area is not safe for children.

They also said moving again brings on the fear of not knowing what will happen next, something that greatly impacts all the kids who have built resources and connections in the community already.

"They have library cards. They just went on a field trip to the library. They know the parks around here. They know how to ride their bikes around here. They are already embraced by the community in West Ridge and Rogers Park. So please, stop uprooting these people who have sacrificed so much," said neighbor Jill Hallett.

So far. CBS 2 has been told only three families plan to voluntarily relocate to Daley College and the others plan to stay until they are forced to leave by the city.

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