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No driver's license? No problem for Naperville teen making a name for himself as a race car driver

No Driver's License? No problem for Naperville Teen Making A Name For Himself As A Race Car Driver
No driver's license? No problem for Naperville teen making a name for himself as a race car driver 02:37

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A sophomore in high school and already climbing the IndyCar ladder. That's the reality for one 15-year-old from Naperville, who's part of the Road to Indy Development Program. 

CBS 2's Jackie Kostek caught up with the rising racer at his Turn 3 team garage in Mundelein.

Fifteen-year-old Christian Weir can't yet drive legally, but already he's got a car with his name on it.

"It is pretty weird because I first drove a race car at 13, two years before I even had my permit," Weir said.  

It wasn't necessarily love at first lap for Weir, who was introduced to racing through GoKarts at around six years old. Things took a turn years later though when his drive to compete kicked into high gear.

"I was around 11 or 12 when I really started getting into professional carting. Started around the country, this is fun, started making friends just from racing," Weir said. "Most of my friends are racing friends. We all had fun and once you start winning, it's like, this is great. You can't beat that feeling standing atop the podium."

Weir has since taken his racing to the next level - now part of the USF2000 Championship, the first rung of the Road to Indy ladder program, a driver development path that can lead to the IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis 500.

"In the GoKarts, most tracks you're only going like 50, 60 miles per hour. But in these, you're going 150."

Racing at higher speeds heightens the risk for injury - Weir spent three months in a back brace last year after suffering two compression fractures during a race.

"There's risk to it. You go into a corner you go a little bit faster or you risk going into the wall. Adrenaline goes right up and it's awesome. That's why I love it."

For Weir, chasing his dream in a high-adrenaline sport means he's not anxiously awaiting the usual high school milestones.

"I actually drove a car in the street and was like, this is boring, I'm only going like 50 miles per hour."

"Do you anticipate getting a lot of speeding tickets?"

"I don't feel like. I can take my speed out on the race track."

Something his mom is thankful for.

Weir is ranked in the top ten of the USF2000 championship and is considering a jump to the next level of The Road To Indy Program next season, The Indy Pro 2000 Championship. He also competes in the Porche Spring Challenge. 

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